n phenyl naphthylamine in transformer oil

  • Quantifiion of N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine by gas - IPA

    12 Sep 2017 N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine (P2NA) is a lipophilic secondary aromatic amine and as antioxidant in greases, lubriing oils, and transformer.

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  • US Patent for Lubriing composition Patent (Patent # 9,206,379

    8 Dec 2015 Mineral oils include liquid petroleum oils and solvent-treated or N-phenyl-1- naphthylamine, N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine, octylated 

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  • Optimization of tribological behavior of Pongamia oil blends as an

    25 Sep 2015 Lubricants available in the market, i.e. mineral oil, are derived from adding additives and using N-phenyl-alpha-naphthylamine (Am2) as an 

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  • Mirka Restricted Materials List

    19 Apr 2017 Capacitors, transformers, hydraulic fluids Anthracene oil, anthracene paste, anthracene fraction. 91995-15-2 1,4-Benzenediamine, N,N'-mixed phenyl and xylyl derivatives (BENPATAX) 2-Naphthylamine hydrochloride.

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  • transformer oil additive

    369 products T531 Transformer oils N-phenyl-alpha Naphthylamine gasoline additive. US $1000-$10000 / Metric Ton. 1 Metric Ton (Min. Order). 5YRS. Jinzhou 

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  • Quantifiion of N -phenyl-2-naphthylamine by gas chromatography

    12 Sep 2017 N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine (P2NA) is an antioxidant used to protect as antioxidant in greases, lubriing oils, and transformer oils (Tolbert 

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  • Reaction pathways in lubricant degradation. 2. n-Hexadecane

    1 Sep 1991 Hydrogen Abstraction Reactions of N-Phenyl-α-naphthylamine Antioxidants. Oxidative Stability of the Plain and Additized Mineral Base Oil 

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  • Perfluorocyclobutyl Aryl Ether-Based ABC Amphiphilic Triblock

    21 Dec 2016 using N-phenyl-1-naphthylamine as probe and the self-assembly behavior in Owing to the unique properties (high thermostability, high insulating of freezing -pumping-thawing followed by immersing the flask into an oil 

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  • N-Phenyl-Alpha Naphthylamine - Aceto Chem Private Limited

    egories: Oil Field Chemicals; Functions: Antioxidants , Lubricants; Packaging Type: HDPE BAG/ Drum; Molecular Formula: C16H13N; Solubility: Insoluble in 

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  • Grease - Vallen

    1% 1-Naphthylamine, N-Phenyl, 0.1 - < 1% Dinonyl Naphthalenesulfonic Acid, 40 - 69% Highly Refined Mineral Oil (C15 - C50), 1 - 5% Long Chain Alkenyl 

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  • Simultaneous Determination of Passivator and - ResearchGate

    Insulating mineral oils frequently contain additives to improve their inherent included three inhibitors (N-phenyl-1-naphthylamine, 2,6-di-tert-butylphenol, and 2 

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    N-PHENYL-1-NAPHTHYLAMINE neutralizes acids in exothermic reactions to form salts plus water. May be Mineral-Based Clay-Based Absorbents 

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  • Restek Innovative Chromatography Products, 2013-2014

    555–567. PCBs in Transformer Oil . D4629 Trace Nitrogen in Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbons. 4-bromophenyl phenyl ether 1-naphthylamine.

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  • N-Phenyl-2-naphtylamine (PBN) - Chemotechnique Diagnostics

    electrical-insulating silicone enamels, greases, dyes, lubriing oils and transformer Nonox d, dn, 2-phenylaminonaphthalene, N-Phenyl-beta- naphthylamine, 

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  • US7846882B2 - Electrical oil formulation - Google Patents

    Electrical oil formulation comprising a base oil component and an additive, wherein class 0 description 2; 239000002480 mineral oil Substances 0 description 2 KEQFTVQCIQJIQW-UHFFFAOYSA-N N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine Chemical 

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  • N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine reagent grade, 98% | N-(1-Naphthyl

    Sial-104043; N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine reagent grade, 98%; CAS No.: 90-30-2; Synonyms: 1-(N-phenylamino)naphthalene; N-(1-Naphthyl)aniline; NPN; 

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  • Review of Physicochemical-Based Diagnostic Techniques - MDPI

    13 May 2016 experiences have shown that transformer oil contains about 70% of (DBDS), 2- tert-butyl-p-cresol (2-t-BPC), N-phenyl-1-naphthylamine, 1,2 

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  • facilities' guide to sara title iii - State of Michigan

    The Oil Pollution Act (OPA) of 1990 includes national planning and dioxide ( NO2 ) (collectively nitrogen oxides or NOx) to air from CERCLA and SARA Title ethyl O-(4-(methylthio)phenyl) ester Fine mineral fibers beta-Naphthylamine.

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  • N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine | C16H13N - PubChem

    N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine | C16H13N | CID 8679 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classifiion, IN TRANSFORMER OILS.

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  • EP1969607B1 - A composition of insulating fluid and process for the

    EP1969607B1 - A composition of insulating fluid and process for the preparation KEQFTVQCIQJIQW-UHFFFAOYSA-N N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine Chemical The aging or deterioration of insulating oil is normally associated with oxidation.

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